Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

We know that blood pressure is often higher when at the GP practice compared to at home. Therefore, to get the most accurate readings we now recommend for those who have high blood pressure to monitor their own blood pressure at home, recording their readings prior to coming in for their medication review. 

The British Heart Society recommends that only properly validated BP monitors be used both in the clinic and at home. All the monitors listed on their website have been clinically validated. This means that all the machines, regardless of their cost, give reliable readings when used correctly. Please note that added cost does not equate to added accuracy.

View a list of clinically validated BP monitors

Once you have your own home blood pressure monitor you can use the forms we have produced to record your readings. When completed, the form can be brought with you to your medication review, or you can hand it in at the desk to our receptionists. There are two versions: the first is for printing out, then filling in by hand. The other is an electronic form that works if you have Microsoft Excel. The second one has the advantage of working out the average values for you, and giving you a target blood pressure based on your demographics and medical history.