Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take for my prescription to be ready?

We aim to have all prescriptions ready for collection at your nominated pharmacy within two working days. This may vary if you have your items delivered, in which case you will need to take this up with the chemist.

What if I need to be seen today, but there are no appointments?

We always reserve a limited number of same day appointments for those patients who need to be seen sooner. Give us a call Monday - Friday at 08:00 and request a same day appointment.

How long will it take for my blood results to come back?

It normally takes around three working days for blood results to come back. If you don't hear anything from us, it generally means it has come back normal. However, you can check you online patient record as your results will show online.

My consultant sent me for a scan, but I haven't had the results yet.

If it is your consultant that has requested a test, we won't get the result back. You will need to call their secretaries who can chase this result up for you.

How can I access my online services?

To access your online services, you need to call us or come in to surgery and speak to one of the receptionists. They will then register you and give you your details to order medication and book appointments online.

Why is the receptionist asking what my problem is?

Our receptionists have been asked by the GP's to get a description of the problem. This is to help avoid patients being booked in with the wrong clinician and to help them prepare prior to your consultation. The receptionists are bound by the same confidentiality legislation as the GP's.

Healthcare/Nurse Appointments

For my annual diabetic check, do I need to fast or bring a urine sample?

When you come for your annual check, you DO NOT need to fast before your blood test. However, you DO need to bring a urine sample. Please bring this in a WHITE topped sample pot, which can be collected from reception.

What do I need for my asthma review?

When you are coming for your annual asthma review, please bring along with you ALL of your current inhalers.


What if I need a letter from my GP?

We are able to write 'To Whom It May Concern' letters. You may need this, for example, if you need to cancel a gym membership due to a broken bone, or if you are applying for a blue badge. If this is the case, your request needs to be submitted in writing to reception, and it can take up to two weeks. There will be an upfront charge, which you can find out about by contacting us.