17th Nov 2023

Access Improvement Plan

6th Mar 2023

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Did you know Kirkburton Health Centre has electric vehicle chargers avaiable to the public. You can find out more details including charges on the app "charge assist"

6th Jan 2023

Thank you for your support

Thankyou to all our patients for your support through what has been an incredibly tough December.

We have been dealing with high levels of influenza and other viral illnesses, as well as an outbreak of Scarlett fever which resulted in a national shortage of antibiotics in the week before Christmas.

Despite this, in the month of December;
Our GPs and clinical practitioners saw 1774 patients
Our nurses saw 1090 patients
We offered an additional 312 appointments for blood tests
And a further 112 appointments in our early morning and late evening surgeries.

A total of 3288 appointments in December.

163 appointments were wasted due to patients not turning up for their appointment.

Many of our staff were also poorly in December which means the ones who were able to work, covered extra shifts, worked longer hours and saw extra patients in order to deliver this number of appointments to our patients. We are incredibly proud of our dedicated and hard working team at Kirkburton Health Centre.

Unfortunately over recent weeks we have been made aware of activity on social media where patients of Kirkburton Health Centre have made derogatory or factually incorrect comments about the practice and some of our staff. We have now decided to adopt a Social Media Zero Tolerance Policy.

If any such posts are brought to our attention they could be viewed as a potential breakdown in the doctor-patient professional relationship and may result in the individual being removed from our list.

We welcome feedback as it gives us an opportunity to review the services we provide and where necessary or appropriate, make changes or improvements. We would ask that rather than post derogatory or hurtful comments about the staff or practice on social media, that you put your comments in writing to us and give us the opportunity to respond. If something has gone wrong, we would like to be able to work with you to make it right. Posting comments on social media can cause unwarranted distress to our practice and staff and may also cause other patients to delay or dissuade them from presenting to the surgery when needed.

The NHS system is under incredible stress at present but we continue to strive to provide a high quality and caring service. Please work with us to help us to continue to do this in Kirkburton.

21st Sep 2022

Mental Health Services in Kirklees

There are lots of services throughout Kirklees to help support those who are struggling with their mental health. This includes people who are experiencing low mood and anxiety or are having suicidal thoughts. Click here to view a list of services within the area and how to get in touch.

5th Jan 2022

COVID-19: Q&A for Muslim Communities

Please click here to access information and Q&A on the COVID-19 vaccine for Muslim communities. It contains useful information including fasting, side effects and a statement from the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) on the Oxford Astra-Zeneca Covid vaccine.

21st Sep 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine

The NHS will be in touch when it is your turn to be vaccinated. If you want more information, please visit